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Program Management Team

Sven Hendrix, Marcel Ameloot , Bert Brône, Niels Hellings, Ivo Lambrichts,  Jean-Michel Rigo, Veerle Somers

Coordinator: Sven Hendrix







This program focuses on the neurobiology of development and ageing. A central aim is to unravel the molecular and cellular interactions leading to complex patterning in the developing and regenerating brain.  We study in particular plasticity of excitability as well as neurite growth in health and regeneration. Our long-term goal is to apply these concepts to the ageing brain and to develop reliable biomarkers for life-long fitness of the CNS as well as new therapies for CNS diseases such as traumatic CNS injury and epilepsy.

Specific research focus

Study the influence of neurotransmitters on the development of interneurons and projection neurons in the cortex

Decipher the developmental patterns of microglial invasion of the embryonic CNS

Determine the interaction of microglial and neuronal cells in the embryonic brain

Characterize the functional properties of newborn neurons in the hippocampal network in epileptic models (ionotropic neurotransmitter receptors and neuropeptides)

Study the activation phenotype of microglia in animal models of multiple sclerosis

Promote axon growth and regeneration by digesting inhibitory extracellular matrix with endogenous proteases

Use vascularization strategies to improve histological &  functional recovery after CNS injury

Determine the influence of cholesterol metabolism on de- and remyelination

Use stem cell technology to support CNS regeneration in the central and peripheral nervous system.