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Petra Foubert
Equal treatment in employment

Petra Foubert studied law at the University of Antwerp (bachelor 1991), Leuven (master 1994, PhD 2001) and Harvard (LL.M. 1999). She is a professor of law at Hasselt University, where she teaches the 'Principles of Law’ and ‘Advanced Employment Law’. She was the programme director from 2011 to 2017 and has been the chairperson of the examination board, first for the bachelor’s programme and later for the master's programme. Professor Foubert’s research focuses on equal treatment in employment. In addition to her academic career, she also works as a lawyer at the Leuven bar.

Johan Peeters
Collective labour law and employment protection

Johan Peeters studied law at the University of Antwerp (2001), where he obtained his PhD in 2008. He is currently a professor at Hasselt University, where he teaches social law, and is a guest lecturer at the University of Antwerp. His research covers the broad field of social law, with a focus on collective labour law and employment related aspects of restructuring of enterprises. Since 2008, Professor Peeters is working as a lawyer, initially at the Brussels Bar and now at the Antwerp Bar. Since 2018, he is also a substitute judge at the Antwerp Labour Court.