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This workshop provides a multidisciplinary collaborative forum for researchers and practitioners to submit papers presenting new research results and novel ideas related to the theory or the practice of agent-based traffic and transportation modeling.

This workshop also invites researchers to submit their work focusing on the data mining, management and configuration for agent-based traffic and transportation modeling.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Agent-based modeling and simulation
  • Agent-human interactions
  • Environment modeling and interaction protocols
  • Data mining, learning and adaptation
  • Marketing decision support
  • Collaboration, cooperation, competition, coalitions in traffic and transportation models
  • Agent-based negotiation of QoS and SLAs in traffic and transportation models
  • Social and emergent behavior in MAS-T (multi-agent systems applied to traffic and transport)
  • Large scale simulation of agent-based microscopic traffic models
  • Calibration and validation of agent-based models for traffic and transportation
  • Role of multi-agent methodologies for complex systems
  • Conceptual modeling of agent-based approach
  • Agent-based freight transportation modeling
  • Multi-modal routing of agents in a dynamic traffic environment
  • Agent-based scheduling to establish synthetic agenda for day-to-day activities