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1. Calculation of energy and mobility scenarios in the era of electrification of road transport

  • Simulate millions of individual agents (nation-wide scale), each with its detailed prediction of activity-travel schedule, enabling more detailed segmentations based on user profile of the agent as well as behavioral adaption scenarios of current activity types, trip duration and driving ranges of the agent.
  • Address the low voltage storage capability associated to millions of car batteries in charging mode as well as the capability of predicting mobility patterns for the batteries in usage mode, leading to the development of efficient energy management systems and an advanced charging infrastructure.
  • Evaluate the amount of energy that is either required from or contributes to the electrified infrastructure, when mass production of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles is fully established in Europe in about ten years from today.

2. Scenarios going beyond the targeted domain of electric vehicles

  • Transformational impact on science. Enable a better understanding of mobility behavior of individuals and their impact on energy consumption; generate new modeling and simulation system, overcoming several fundamental research challenges; 
  • Novel application areas, such as changing transportation behavior, homeland security, tourism, medical area and environmental policy.
  • Dissemination and use of knowledge for long-term research and targeting at a breakthrough with high technological and societal impact. Develop a dissemination plan and exploit a joint strategy to identify and prioritise potential industrial areas, serving as a transitional step from basic frontier research to industrial take up.