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This two-days course covers Core 1&2 of LabVIEW. The main goal of this course is to get you started with LabVIEW as quickly as possible.
You will get familiar with the front panel, also known as a LabVIEW program's user interface and the block diagram were a program is made.
This course is highly recommended for everyone who will be attending the specific workshops in June. After all, during this course you will be introduced to the different datatypes of LabVIEW and how to interact with them, how to use "loops", create figures and how to export them. Furthermore, concepts like modularity, the reuse of small programs within other programs, will be explained.
Hence, this course covers all the basics someone needs to get started.
The course will consist out of theory accompanied with small exercises that will help you on your way.

This course will be given by Frederik Vreys.


  • May 30 and 31, 2016 - 9:00-17:00


  • Campus Diepenbeek, building H, room D001


  • For PhD students from the DS M&LS: This course can count for 1 Technical course.
  • For PhD students from the DS S&T: This course is not eligible for the DS S&T.


  • Register here before April 25, 2016
  • Max. 20 participants
  • As places are limited, registration does not automatically imply that you will be able to participate. You will be contacted by e-mail in due time.