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A scientist is not just a biologist or a chemist, an innovation leader or an engineer. This is certainly the case in the fields of health and biomedicine, where nanotechnology and nano-materials will fundamentally impact next decades’ evolutions. The first day visionary event with expert speakers stimulates creative thinking and reinvents trends or roadmaps by questioning subjects. The 3 day course is an opportunity to learn what is going on in related fields and to get to know colleagues from historically disjunct communities: electronics engineering, applied material sciences and life sciences.

The course is organized on request of the doctoral schools (biomedical and engineering) of the 5 Flemish universities. The goal of the course is to bring together PhD students and young scientists from different fields, to learn what is going on in fields and domains outside their own private specialisation.

Program overview

Keynote visionary workshop

  • Interdisciplinarity, a key to move precision medicine forward. - Michel Goldman I3H – Institute for Interdisciplinary Innovation - ULB
  • A revolution in Cryo-EM; beauty and benefits of nano-biology in life science. - Peter Peters – University of Maastricht
  • Using single-cell technologies to create superior beer yeasts. - Kevin Verstrepen – VIB – KULeuven

Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy techniques

  • Deep Imaging for phenotypic profiling of accelerated ageing diseases – a tutorial - lecture about high-dimensional microscopy - Winnok De Vos – UA
  • Superresolution imaging - Peter Dedecker – KULeuven
  • Photonic sensors for non-destructive food quality inspection - Wouter Saeys, KULeuven

Medical Imaging

  • Uwe Himmelreich - KULeuven
  • Quantitative imaging by OCT: functional information on microstructures of living tissue. -> Ton Van Leeuwen - AmC, University of Amsterdam
  • Optical cellular imaging techniques. - Vincent Bonin – NERF, imec
  • Spectral imaging of wounds and skin, for medical and for forensic applications. - Maurice Aalders – AMC, University of Amsterdam
  • Future Perspectives of Nanomedicine and Molecular Imaging - Towards Clinical Applications. - Luis Cruz – Lumc, University of Leiden
  • Hyperspectral imaging - Richard Stahl – imec

Novel technologies for cancer diangostics

  • Liquid biopsy: promises and challenges. - Patrick Pauwels – Core, UAntwerpen, Antwerp University Hospital
  • Cancer immunotherapy in the spotlights: hope or hype? - Evelien Smits – Core, UAntwerpen
  • A systems biology perspective on oncological research - Steven Van Laere – Core, UAntwerpen
  • New tests to screen germline and tumor DNA for oncogenic mutations. - Patrick Willems, – Gendia
  • Improving Quality of Life through DNA Analysis. - Dirk Pollet – Multiplicom
  • Lab-on-chip, Cell-sorters and Circulating Tumor Cells. - Chengxun Liu

Proteomic techniques

  •  Alphabodies and their application potential, including intracellular targeting - Ignace Lasters – CTO Complix
  • Single-molecule protein analysis with nanopores. - Giovanni Maglia – Univ of Groningen
  • Analytical Separations with Ordered Chromatographic Packings - Wim De Malsche
  • Fiber Optic SPR combines DNA biosensing, immunoassays and biomolecular interaction analysis in one generic platform. - Devin Daems – KULeuven

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For whom?

  • Young researchers, PhD students and professionals in the field of health, biotechnology and engineering with an interest for cross-disciplinary issues - where applications, science and hard-core technology meet
  • According to the training attendance policy, PhD studens should follow the full course program


  • September 19 - 22, 2016



  • Registration is free of charge, but obligatory by sending an e-mail to academy@imec.be