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Before starting an application, check whether you meet the conditions of admission.


The Admission Board will consider all applications individually. The standard requirements set by Hasselt University are applicable to all applicants of the Master of Transportation Sciences.


All applicants should hold at least a university degree or a diploma of higher education equivalent to a (academic) bachelor’s degree. Depending on the diploma you obtained previously, you may have to do a link or preparatory programme at the start of your master’s programme.

Students with an academic bachelor’s or master’s degree, other than Transportation Sciences, will have to do a preparatory programme of max. 18 ECTS. The preparatory programme can be combined with the master’s programme.
If you have a professional bachelor’s degree, you will have to do a link programme of max. 45 ECTS. The link programme is available for Dutch-speaking students only.

Sufficient knowledge of English is required and is to be certified by one of the below mentioned tests. Native speakers or holders of a degree, obtained in the English language are exempt from these tests:

a TOEFL-score report (paper based: score 550 or more, computer based: score 213 or more, internet base: score 79-80);
IELTS-certificate (min. overall band score 6.0);
For citizens of China: APS certificate.


Note that a letter of motivation is compulsory in the application file. Apart from previously obtained degrees and grades and the level of English proficiency, the motivation for choosing to study the master of transportation sciences by distance learning is also taken into consideration by the exam board when deciding on whether or not an applicant can be admitted to the programme. 


The target group of the master of Transportation Sciences programme by distance-learning are practitioners: people who wish to combine a job (in the field of traffic safety and/or transportation) with a master programme.

To obtain the statute of practitioner at Hasselt University, a student needs to submit one of the below during registration (before 15 October at the latest):
* provide proof of employment of min. 80 hours/month;
* provide proof of employment in a self-employed statute of min. 80 hours/month;
* provide proof of being a job-seeker who is entitled to benefits.

The statute of 'working student' is not applicable to students working their way through college (e.g. weekend work), students in postgraduate courses and Ph.D. students.

If you are not currently employed or seeking employment, we refer you to the regular on-campus master programme in Transportation Sciences. For more information on the regular master programme, please click on the following link: Master of Transportation Sciences


The application deadline for both EEA and non-EEA citizens is 1st September.

STEP 1: complete the online pre-registration: https://uhintra03.uhasselt.be/webregistratie. Make sure all required fields have been filled in and all required documents have been uploaded. 


  • page LEARNING ACCOUNT: if you have not yet obtained a degree in Belgium, the balance of your learning account is 140
  • page SUCCESS RATE: if you weren't enrolled at Hasselt University in the previous year, skip this page and proceed to the next page of the application form

STEP 2: send hard copies of your application by post:

  • printout of the Hasselt University online application form
  • legalised hard copies of degree certificates and academic transcripts. Before a public document (like a diploma) can be used in a country other than the one where it was issued, the origin of the document must be authenticated. It is required by the Belgian government to include a legalised copy of your degree certificates and academic transcripts in your application for a study programme at Hasselt University.
    A certified true copy of a document, is a photocopy of a primary document, which has a confirmation that it is a true copy. An authorised civil cervant confirms that the copy of the diploma is conform to the original.
  • the diploma and its transcripts must also be translated by a sworn translator into either Dutch, French, German or English, if they were drafted up in any other language
    to this address:

Hasselt University
attn. Ms. Nadine Smeyers
Wetenschapspark 5 bus 6
3590 Diepenbeek

STEP 3: When your online application is complete (step 1) and we have received the hard copies sent by mail (step 2), your file will be evaluated by the Admission Board of the Master of Transportation Sciences. Applicants will automatically be notified of the decision by email. 

STEP 4: If you are admitted you will receive further instructions about payment of tuition fee, finalising your enrolment when you are on campus, etc.