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Biostrand Webinar Wednesday


16 jun 2021 16.30 uur - 18.30 uur


Prof. dr. Joy IROBI



How is BioStrand disrupting and revolutionising multi omic data analysis?

In our Webinar Series we love to share with you how we develop our solution and how we collaborate with universities and industrial partners. Each third Wednesday we cover multiple exciting topics or invite expert guest speakers.

Key highlights on the agenda:

  • Our story – the founding team talks about discovering the radically new HYFTTM patterns.
  • Our solution – find out how it makes your research easier, more convenient with fast and insightful results.
  • Your research – BioStrand will show you in a live demo how to deliver faster searches and more accurate results. 
  • Your Questions – We will address any questions, come prepared!
  • Our scientific partners - Find out more about the research various partner universities are conducting.
  • Our Industrial partners - Learn more about specific industry use cases 

Upcoming speakers: 

Prof Joy Irobi; Hasselt University BioMed; Extracellular vesicles in M.S.

More info via Biostrand.