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Biostrand Webinar Wednesday


19 mei 2021 16.30 uur - 18.30 uur


Prof. dr. Dirk VALKENBORG



How is BioStrand disrupting and revolutionising multi omic data analysis?

In the joint BioStrand- Hasselt University webinar we present the first results of the collaboration between the Data Science Institute and BioStrand. It is a nice example of how the rich ecosystem around Hasselt University inspires collaboration between startups and academia. Based on our mutuel interest and mission to improve methods and technologies in omics analysis, we discussed the set-up of a validation study.

The first results of this comparative study about sequence retrieval, a fundamental part of omics data analytics will be presented by Prof. Dirk Valkenborg. In this study particularly, the state-of-the-art BLAST methodology is compared to BioStrand’s Retreive and Relate algorithm.

As AI in life sciences is becoming increasingly important for developing new insights, Dr. Joris Van Houtven will share his recent work on AI, assumption free pattern matching in mass-spectrometry data.

This webinar’s target audience is researchers in the domain of OMICS analytics, bio-informaticians, data scientists and computational biologists.

Topics and speakers: 

  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Valkenborg: A benchmark study to compare sequence retrieval between BioStrand R&R and BLAST.
  • Dr. Joris Van Houtven: PRiSM, Assumption-free pattern matching in mass spectrometry-based proteomics.

Upcoming June webinar:
Prof Joy Irobi; Hasselt University BioMed; Extracellular vesicles in M.S.