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Earth Construction Workshop - When tradition meets innovation.

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Earth Construction Workshop - When tradition meets innovation.


19 jul 2019 - 25 jul 2019

Ouled Merzoug, Morroco





In the context of the postgraduate certificate Building Beyond Borders of the faculty of Architecture and Arts of Hasselt University, we are glad to invite you to this workshop at Ouled Merzoug, a small village in the heart of Morocco.
The aim of this workshop is to promote and spread the vernacular knowledge about ecological, bioclimatic construction, with natural materials such as raw earth, to valorise local knowledge and question today’s way of constructing.
During this 6-day workshop, you will do hands-on experiments with different earth construction techniques, guided by local professionals.
In order to have a global approach, a series of introductory lectures will be given by Jasper Van der Linden (PhD researcher on earth architecture at Hasselt University) and Bregt Hoppenbrouwers (BC architects & studies ).
These will give you a look into the traditions and history of these techniques while also elaborating on contemporary applications in a western context.
As you will be accommodated by local families, the village culture will be experienced in depth.
A certificate of the workshop will be delivered by Hasselt University to all participants of the workshop.
Notice: The workshop will be given mostly in English, but partly in French.
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