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Reclaim the suburbs. Which capacities for paricitpatory approaches? Autumn school 2019.

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Reclaim the suburbs. Which capacities for paricitpatory approaches? Autumn school 2019.


14 okt 2019 - 17 okt 2019

Hoge Rielen


Prof. dr. ir. arch. Oswald DEVISCH



The point of departure of this CAPA.CITY autumnschool is that we need a new movement Reclaim the Suburbs that supports residents to organize themselves and initiate own retrofitting projects; projects that do reduce the societal costs of their mode of living, but also fit within their housing dream: garage-box entrepreneurs, multigenerational villa-collectives, eco-garden networks, crowdfunded community services or renewable energy cooperatives. The CAPA.CITY autumnschool will collect and discuss ongoing Reclaim the Suburb initiatives, with a focus on the capacities that collectives need to develop, in order to initiate, run and sustain such initiatives.

IMPORTANT DATES (more info soon) :
– 19th of August 2019: Deadline registration
– 2nd of September 2019: Notification of acceptance
– 23nd of September 2019: Deadline submission of a poster

PRACTICAL: living on site


The submission fee is 100 euro.

This fee includes:
- accommodation from Monday 14.10 till Friday 18.10 in the Hoge Rielen. Note that you will share rooms: www.dehogerielen.be/domein/gebouw-4-springtouw and www. dehogerielen.be/domein/gebouw-5- kegel.

In case you are not willing to share rooms, you have to book and finance your own accommodation. Note that you will still have to pay the submission fee!

We expect you to be in the Hoge Rielen at 9.00 every morning. We do provide bikes

- breakfast from Monday 14.10 till Friday 18.10
- lunch from Monday 14.10 till Friday 18.10
- bikes Monday 14.10 till Friday 18.10

The submission fee does NOT include:
- accommodation from Sunday 13.10 till Monday 14.10
- transportation to the Hoge Rielen
- evening dinners


The CAPA.CITY autumnschool is open to all PhD-students and professionals involved in research on suburbanisation. Masterstudents are accepted on the condition that they provide a good motivation

UHasselt University (Belgium)
Oswald Devisch, Teresa Palmieri

Roskilde University (Denmark)
Majken Toftager Larsen, John Andersen

ENSA-Marseille (France)
Marion Serre


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