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Building Beyond Borders

Building Beyond Borders

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Yearly, one Design/Build project forms the leitmotif of the programme. Projects selected have: 

  • a high beneficial impact on the local community at large,
  • a support base within the community,
  • financial and practical support from the community and sponsors/donors,
  • high potentials for innovation in architecture and sustainability,
  • the possibility to act as a demonstration and capacity-building project for the local community.

In close collaboration with a non-governmental organization and/or a local architect, the project is developed from the ground up within the structure and process of the postgraduate programme.

Within an academic set-up, a professional working situation with a real-life project team (i.e. client, architect, contractor) is incorporated.


Project brief 2020-2021

The Design/Build project selected for 2020-2021 is the ‘School Blessed Family’ in Kagulu, a small rural village situated in the ‘pearl of Africa’, Uganda. Here, the Byakika family founded a primary school in order to increase the educational level of children.

The ‘School Blessed Family’ aims to be a best-practice school in the context of Uganda, both regarding pedagogical matters and infrastructural matters. Within this starting point, the school has initiated the idea of upgrading and upscaling the school infrastructure in order to demonstrate contemporary education within a sustainable infrastructure. The latter is not only beneficial for the school and its pupils, but also 1) for other schools as ideas may be adopted, and 2) for building actors (laymen, DIY builders, architects, contractors, …) as ‘design’ aspects (physical-spatial and building-constructive) and ‘build’ aspects (executional) may incentivise more sustainable ways of designing and building.


Download our project brochure here.

Building beyond borders project brochure