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Postgraduate certificate Building Beyond Borders

Postgraduate certificate Building Beyond Borders

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To register you have to complete an online pre-registration. By submitting your online application, you agree with the terms of UHasselt SEE.


Online pre-registration

  1. Identity: your contact information (name, date of birth, ...)

  2. Study programme:

    • Academic year: 2018-2019
    • Programme: Postgraduate
    • Postgraduate degree Building Beyond Borders
  3. Address: Enter your home address (domicile or official residence in your home country) exactly as it is shown on your passport or identity card.
  4. Higher education: Provide an overview of all programs (bachelor, master, ...) that you have followed (and obtained) that are relevant to this training.
  5. Specific training: Please mention any additional relevant education (not bachelor/master) here.
  6. Professional experience: Give your most recent work experience and / or work experience(s) that are relevant to the course that you are going to follow.
  7. Finances: How do you like to pay the registration fee: private or a company?
  8. Up/Download: Some documents need to be sent beforehand to the administration. Please upload these files here. (only .pdf, .doc or .jpg files)
    • Copy of your diploma(s)
    • CV
    • Portfolio
    • Passport photograph 
    • Motivational letter

After the first step, you will get an log-in (e-mail & password). With these data you can consult, modify or complete your online application.

The online application needs to be fully completed before the administration will make a decision about your admittance. You always get a response about your admission.

When your are admitted to the postgraduate certificate Building Beyond Borders, you will receive an invoice to pay the registration fee before the start of the programme.