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At UHasselt, students can excpect a lot from the 'bachelor Medicine' program. It's a motivating, solid program, with a passionate teaching team and an activating learning environment where the student and his personal growth opportunities are key.

The bachelor's degree program distinguishes itself through its multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary quartile system (10 weeks), the educational concept of instruction-based self-study and the attention for the development of competences that every doctor needs on a daily basis.

If you want to know more about our bachelor's degree in medicine, you can find an overview of the study program in the study guide of UHasselt.

Students who wish to enroll for the doctor's training must have passed the doctor/dentist entrance examination. All information about this exam can be found on the website of "The Flemish Ministry of Education and Training".

After the bachelor program, students can enter a master program at any other Flemish university.