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The rehabilitation sciences study program will train you to become a physical therapist that will train patients with disabilities, such as cruciate ligament injuries, multiple sclerosis and heart diseases to improve their quality of life. You will study the healthy functioning of the human body, but you will also investigate the pathology of different diseases such as hernia and depression. Furthermore, you will focus on revalidation and prevention. The training program will also introduce you to the newest scientific innovations in the field of revalidation  and will give you the change to contribute to innovation in practice.

Most importantly, a physical therapist possess excellent practical experience in the field. Therefore, during your training you will gather the necessary practical experience by different externships during the bachelor program and different internships during the master program. There internships will nog only give you the opportunity to practice and perfect your therapeutic skills, but will also give you an idea of the environment you will work in as a physical therapist. Finally, you will also perform a scientific internship that will give rise  to your master thesis.

The biomedical sciences study program consists of three bachelor and two master years:

The curriculum of the bachelor training will introduce you in logical order to all aspects of the functioning of the human body and it will learn you who you, as a physical therapist, can create a difference here. Furthermore, during all courses the theoretical background will be linked to practical skills.
1st bachelor year: study of the healthy functioning of the human body
2nd bachelor year: study of the pathology of major diseases
3th bachelor year: study of the revalidation strategies of these diseases

During the first year of the master training several general and elective courses will guide you in choosing an appropriate major that will train you to become a rehabilitation specialist during the second master year.  Consequently, at the start of the second master year you will chose one of following majors: musculoskeletal rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, rehabilitation in the mental health care, pediatric rehabilitation or rehabilitation of internal diseases. These 5 majors are organized in cooperation with the faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences at KU Leuven.

Extra information regarding the educational program of rehabilitation sciences is available in the study guide of UHasselt.