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Complementary to our academic research, we are serving the pharmaceutical, biotech and (bio)medical research market. Our clients include major pharmaceutical companies, large and small biotechs and university labs. We have a dedicated service unit that will qualitatively and timely deliver results with the appropriate scientific methodology. Our business developer follows-up on each project together with the client to guarantee the best quality.

There are several options for joining us in contract research:

  1. You can have access to our facilities and perform experiments yourself (facility access).
  2. You can deliver a protocol and we perform the experiments for you (full service).
  3. You can come to us with research questions and we design the most optimal experiments together followed by facility access or full service.
  4. Combination of the above.
  5. Our expert scientists are also available for counseling in their respective research domains.

Please contact our business developers (An Voets and Sofie Ignoul) for more information or to discuss your particular project or experiment. More information can also be found in our folder.