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UHasselt-BIOMED is the life sciences research institute of Hasselt University. BIOMED invests in high level basic research and combines this with translational programs that aim to develop an application that is of benefit for the patient and the health sector in general. This led to the development of several patents in collaboration with VIB and the Technology Transfer Office of Hasselt University. In addition, two spinoff companies were founded, Apitope NV and Seps-Pharma NV.

Besides performing fundamental and translational research, BIOMED also shares it’s available techniques, expertise and specialized equipment with academic and industrial partners. Our vision is to be a leader in life sciences services in the preclinical fields of neuroimmunology, neuroscience, immune biomarkers and bioimaging ranging from in vitro characterization to in vivo validation. We intend to achieve this by delivering the best-in-class value-added science with quality.

We focus on our partners’ needs and strive towards long-standing strategic partnerships by keeping up with or exceeding expectations through innovative solutions.

We are committed to business and scientific integrity. We are an open, fair, honest and transparent research institute and always ensure partner confidentiality.

Partnering with UHasselt-BIOMED comes in different flavors:

  • Joint research projects: research and development in close collaboration, funded by a third party (e.g. FWO, VLAIO, H2020, EFRO…)
  • Technology/knowledge transfer: you can strengthen your market position by licensing in and accessing our existing technologies and expertise
  • Joint ventures: you can join forces with UHasselt-BIOMED and use its technology (possibly) in combination with your own technology to set up a new company
  • Contract research