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CMK - Centre for Environmental Sciences

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Nuclear Technology

  • NORMs (naturally occurring radioactive materials)
  • Valorization of residues and remediation
  • Nuclear waste

CMK research topics

  • Effects of contamination on organisms
  • Sustainable and clean technologies: Radiological contamination detection and prevention technology

  • Biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate change

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Research interests 

Valorization of residues and remediation techniques are key topics of institute CMK (Centre for Environmental Research) of Hasselt University. A novel research line of their research group NuTeC is the development, characterization and optimization of alkali activated materials (AAMs), produced on the basis of industrial residues, for nuclear waste incorporation. This multi-disciplinary topic combines the complementary expertise of different research groups internally and externally throughout their networks.

NuTeC has built up expertise in the production and radiological characterization of AAMs incorporating NORMs (naturally occurring radioactive materials) for application in construction materials. In addition, AAMs are currently under development for nuclear applications (shielding, immobilisation of artificial radionuclides). In 2016, new laboratory infrastructure became operational for the pre-treatment (grinding, sieving,…), gamma spectrometry (BeGe spectrometer with special lead shielding for low background measurements), radon measurements, shielding experiments and leaching experiments on solid materials.


Research highlights

Chair of COST project NORM4Building

Editor and author for book “Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Construction (COST Action NORM4Building)”, ISBN 9780081020098, in press, publication: June 2017, Woodhead Publishing

Member Belgian Association for radiation protection

Member scientific committee van het European Alara Network for NORM

BELdART 3: Dosimetrical audits of basic and advanced radiotherapy in Belgium

Marie Curie Grant: By-BM, By-products for Building Materials (MARIE SK ODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS, Individual Fellowships





PhD Supervision


  • Tom Croymans: Reuse of naturally occurring radioactive residues for advanced construction materials (started 2014)
  • Niels Vandevenne: Ontwikkeling van een nieuwe bindermatrix, op basis van NORM-houdende industriële residuen, voor de conditionering van radioactief afval (started 2014)
  • Katrijn Gijbels: Ontwikkeling van de ideale immobilisatiematrix voor NORM en andere schadelijke componenten, via geopolymerisatie van minerale afvalstromen (started 2016)

Member Doctoral Committee

  • Bram Mast: Radiation induced mechanical degradation in alkali activated materials: a combined experimental – computational approach (started 2016)


Project agreements 

Development of the ideal immobilization matrix for NORM and other harmful components through geopolymerization of mineral wastes. (R-6724)
Test facility for NORM based construction materials (R-6347)
Norm for building materials - Network (R-5129)





Journal Contribution

Kovler, Konstantin & Schroeyers, Wouter (2017). Special issue: Natural radioactivity in construction.
In: Journal of environmental radioactivity, 168, p. 1-3. [Editorial Material - cat: A1]

Lutter, Guilaume; Vandael Schreurs, Indy; Croymans, Tom; Schroeyers, Wouter; Schreurs, Sonja; Hult, Mikael; Marissens, Gerd; Stroh, Heiko & Tzika, Faidra (2017). A low-energy set-up for gamma-ray spectrometry of NORM tailored to theneeds of a secondary smelting facility.

Croymans, Tom; Schroeyers, Wouter; Krivenko, Pavel; Kovalchuk, Oleksandr; Pasko, Anton; Hult, Mikael; Marissens, Gerd; Lutter, Guillaume & Schreurs, Sonja (2017). Radiological characterization and evaluation of high volume bauxiteresidue alkali activated concretes.
In: Journal of environmental radioactivity, 168, p. 21-29. [Article - cat: A1]

Croymans-Plaghki, Tom; Vandael Schreurs, Indy; Hult, Mikael; Marissens, Gerd; Lutter, Guillaume; Stroh, Heiko; Schreurs, Sonja & Schroeyers, Wouter (2017). Variation of natural radionuclides in non-ferrous fayalite slags during a one-month production period.
In: Journal of environmental radioactivity, 172, p. 63-73. [Article - cat: A1]


Journal Contribution

Vanderheyden, Sara; Van Ammel, R.; Sobiech-Matura, K.; Vanreppelen, Kenny; Schreurs, Sonja; Schroeyers, Wouter; Yperman, Jan & Carleer, Robert (2016). Adsorption of cesium on different types of activated carbon.
In: JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY, 310(1), p. 301-310. [Article - cat: A1]

Schroeyers, Wouter & Janssens, Augustin (2016). How can norm4building support the management of NORM residues.
In: Annalen van de Belgische Vereniging voor Stralingsbescherming, 41(3), p. 155-161. [Article - cat: A2]





Personal info & contact

Name: Prof.dr. Wouter Schroeyers

Chairman Examencommissie master industriële wetenschappen: nucleaire technologie

Chairman OMT master industriële wetenschappen: nucleaire technologie

Chairman Examencommissie postgraduaat Stralingsdeskundige

E-mail: wouter.schroeyers@uhasselt.be
Telephone: +3211292157
Room nr.: H-A107
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering Technology
Discipline group: Engineering Technology
Research group: Nuclear Technology Centre
Research institute: Centre for Environmental Sciences
Address:  Campus Diepenbeek
Agoralaan Gebouw H
BE 3590 Diepenbeek