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The APPLIED AND ANALYITICAL CHEMISTRY group develops and applies appropriate analysis strategies for advanced material systems in the context of their performance, structure, processing, environmental impact and specific applications with a focus on (bio) polymers. Sustainability and the valorisation of side streams using e.g. pyrolytic conversion in renewable materials and products with added value are key aspects in our research during the last decade. The focus is to unravel structure-composition relationships between the initial feedstock (e.g. organic residues, biomass, post-extracted microalgae, …) and final product (e.g. biochar, activated carbon, pyrolysis oil, etc…) in order to develop increased functionality in the products. In this way, organic residual side streams could be converted into chemical feedstock or green energy.

Dirk Franco

Visiting Professor

Dries Vandamme  

Full Professor

  • advanced material systems
  • pyrolytic conversion