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Research, education as well as services belong to CMK’s mission statement. These different aspects have to be closely connected to each other.


From the beginning, and also for the future, CMK has opted for a well-considered combination of and symbiosis between high-qualitative fundamental environment-related research and applied research with financing coming from the different money flows (2nd, 3rd, 4th). CMK participates in European framework programmes, in research programmes for international bilateral cooperation, in BOF projects (Special Research Fund), in FWO projects (Fund for Scientific Research), IWT (The Institute for the promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders), Belspo/DWTC (Belgian Science Policy/federal services for science policy), the Ministry of Small Enterprises, Traders and Agriculture, OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders), the Department LNE (Department of Environment, Nature and Energy of the Flemish Government), VMM (Flemish Environment Agency), and so on. Moreover, specific research programmes are carried out in cooperation with the industry.

The development of the full spectrum from fundamental to applied research offers several opportunities, such as among other things the reinforcement of the critical mass, obtaining equipment and the efficient use of it, ‘buffer capacity’ in function of cyclical fluctuations and so on so that there are enough possibilities for the realization of an effective scientific output, potential economic valorisation of research results and participation in international networks.


Concerning education, the CMK members participate in different disciplines (sciences, life sciences, applied economic sciences, transportation sciences) and the training of young, promising researchers during internships, theses, doctoral researches and post-doctoral trainings. Moreover, CMK aims at a clear feedback of the research to the very diverse educational assignments of the CMK members. The scientific and technological expertise of the CMK has to be used optimally for the scientific training of academics. Training young, promising researchers also contributes to the scientific and economic development of the region.
Moreover, the PAV training (post-academic training) Environmental Coordinator level A, organised by the CMK, is a training with a high social relevance.
The association University and University Colleges Limburg also undertakes educational tasks.

Scientific services

Scientific services are carried out in the fields that follow naturally from the research expertise. Advice is given to governments, companies and private persons with regard to topics that fit in with the different activity fields of the CMK. Most of the members also undertake (policy) tasks in various organisations outside the institute.