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CMK - Centre for Environmental Sciences


Zoology, Biodiversity and Toxicity

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The ZOOLOGY: BIODIVERSITY AND TOXICOLOGY group focuses on the impact of toxic compounds and nanoparticles on stem cell behaviour, cancer and developmental processes in different model systems. From an applied perspective, the group developed a screening assay (Neomodels) to detect potential carcinogens based on stem cell dynamics.

The group moreover studies biodiversity in all its aspects. It hosts a well-equipped histological and molecular platform. It has culture rooms, a completely-equipped histology and microscopy lab and facilities to work with toxic compounds.

Tom Artois


  • biodiversity, phylogeny and biogeography of flatworms, rhabdocoels in particular
  • ecology and population structure of animals in the framework of nature conservation
  • biodiversity and ecosystem services of urban green infrastructures

Karen Smeets

Assistant Head of CMK | Associate Professor

  • stem cell toxicology
  • applied toxicology
  • regeneration research
  • environmental toxicology

Maarten Vanhove

Assistant Professor

  • evolutionary parasitology, with a focus on parasitic flatworms
  • biodiversity science in the Global South: capacity development and policy translation for the sustainable management of African aquatic ecosystems