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The first principle of CTL's research is that a solid knowledge of the (foreign) language is an absolute requirement for communication. But such knowledge alone is not sufficient to communicate effectively on an international level. Moreover, misunderstandings often result from cultural differences. CTL mainly investigates the geographical characteristics of cultures and their influence on communication.

A second principle is that fundamental research needs a socially relevant field of application. Important stakeholders are not only companies involved in international business, but also students who need a solid preparation for the international labour market. To fulfill the needs of both target groups, CTL investigates the efficiency of methods for learning how to communicate effectively in another language, also taking into account the specificities of the culture.

Research areas

  • Communication needs and problems, and the influence of linguistic and cultural differences on verbal and nonverbal communication, especially in relation to business populations, either linked or not to a sector and/or function.

  • The efficacy and efficiency of (foreign) language teaching and/of didactic methods, with a special focus on ICT as a support for semi-autonomous blended learning.