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Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics

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June 25th-27th, room TBA:

Summer school

'Introduction to hyperbolic conservation laws'


Apr. 12th, 10:00, room TBA: CMAT Seminar

Sohely Sharmin (UHasselt, CMAT group)

"Pore scale formulation and rational derivation of the upscaled model of two-phase/unsaturated flow with evolving boundaries"


Feb. 6th, 11:00, room A3: CMAT Seminar

Matthias Schlottbom (University of Twente)

"Perfectly matched layers for radiative transfer"


Jan. 24th, 15:00, room A54: CMAT Seminar

Manuela Bastidas (UHasselt)

"Overview of homogenization using numerical methods"


Jan. 17th, 15:30, room B102: CMAT Seminar

David Landa Marban (University of Bergen)

"A mathematical model for permeable biofilm: experiments, upscaling, and simulations"


Jan. 17th, 11:00, room B103: CMAT Seminar

Manuel Torrilhon (RWTH Aachen University)

"Hierarchical Boltzmann Simulations and m(odel)-refinement"



Dec. 18th, 15:30, room C104: CMAT Seminar

Jan Nordbotten (University of Bergen)

"Mixed-dimensional Partial Differential Equations and application to fractured porous media"


Dec. 4th-5th, room FR 0.09 (Faculty of Law, Martelarenlaan 42)

Compact course given by Hadi Hajibeygi (TU Delft, The Netherlands) 

"Multiscale Methods for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media"

(starting time is on Monday, Dec. 4, at 11:00)

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Nov. 27th10:30, room FR 0.02 (Faculty of Law, Martelarenlaan 42)

Darcy Center/FWO Odysseus DynScale Workshop 

"Porous Media Flows"


Nov. 24th10:30, room C104: CMAT Seminar

Hiroshi Kokubu (Kyoto University)

"Computational approach to the global dynamics and bifurcations"


Nov. 22nd, 15:30, room A54: CMAT Seminar

Renato Huzak (UHasselt, Dynamical Systems)

"Normal forms of Lienard type, slow-fast bifurcation and fractal geometry of canard cycles"


Nov. 21st11:00, room B103: CMAT Seminar

Jan ten Thije Boonkkamp (Eindhoven University of Technology, CASA)

"Flux approximation schemes based on local boundary value problems"


Oct. 20th, 10:00, room A54: CMAT Seminar

Sebastian Noelle (RWTH Aachen University, Institut für Geometrie und praktische Mathematik)

"On hydrostatic reconstruction schemes for the shallow water equation"


Oct. 18th, 15:00, room A54: CMAT Seminar

Maikel Bosschaert and Jochen Schütz (Hasselt University, Computational Mathematics)

"Tutorial session: numerical methods for delay differential equations"


Oct. 5th, 15:00, room A9: CMAT Seminar

Manuela Bastidas Olivares (Hasselt University, Computational Mathematics)

"HDG Method applied to porous media problems"


Sept. 22nd, 11:00, room A106: CMAT Seminar

Francois Rigo (University of Liège, Faculty of Applied Sciences)

"Unsteady pressure measurement around aerodynamic bodies: development of a calibration apparatus and wind tunnel testing"


June 26th-29th, room FR1.01 (Faculty of Law, Martelarenlaan 42):

Summer school

'Upscaling techniques for mathematical models involving multiple scales'


June 20th, 15:00, room A54: CMAT Seminar

Koondanibha Mitra (Eindhoven University of Technology and UHasselt, CMAT)

"A Linear Domain Decomposition Method for Unsaturated Flow in Porous Media"


June 7th, 15:00, room A54: CMAT Seminar

Sohely Sharmin (UHasselt, CMAT)

"Finite Elements on Curved Boundaries"


May 17th, 16:30, room A54: CMAT Seminar

Sid Visser (Simplxr B.V., Netherlands)

"Some analytical and numerical results on 2-dimensional neural fields"


May 12th, 15:00, room B101: CMAT Seminar

Jeroen Wynen (UHasselt, Dynamical Systems)

"Hilbert's 16th problem and semi-local normal forms of symmetric saddle connections"


May 11th, 15:00, room H5: PhD defense

Stefan Karpinski (UHasselt, CMAT)

"Numerical analysis of an interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin scheme for two phase flow in heterogeneous porous media with discontinuous dynamic capillary pressure effects"


May 4th, 15:00, room A4: CMAT Seminar

Karel Kenens (UHasselt, Dynamical Systems)

"Gevrey asymptotics for slow manifolds of slow-fast delay equations"


April 28th, 15:00, room A4: CMAT Seminar

Alexander Jaust (UHasselt, CMAT)

"A hybridized discontinuous Galerkin method for unsteady flow problems"


April 7th, 15:00, room A54: CMAT Seminar

Maikel Bosschaert (UHasselt, CMAT)

"Simulation and bifurcation analysis in diffusive neural fields models with transmission delays"


March 13th, 15:45, room A54: CMAT Seminar

Klaus Kaiser (RWTH Aachen & UHasselt, CMAT)

"High order methods for weakly compressible flows"



December 20th, 15:30, room A106: CMAT Seminar

Jakub Both (University of Bergen)

"Linearization and Splitting for Coupled Flow and Geomechanics in Unsaturated Porous Media"


November 2nd, 16:00, room A4: CMAT Seminar

Carina Bringedal (University of Bergen)

"Pore scale models: homogenization and effective equations"