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Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics

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Nonlinear partial differential equations

  • Analysis: weak solvability, qualitative properties of weak solutions (positivity, decay and blow-up profiles)
  • Multiscale problems: homogenization (asymptotic expansions, macroscopic reconstruction), perforated domains, corrector estimates
  • Inverse problems: regularization (quasi-reversibility, quasi-boundary value, truncation), stability, error estimates
  • Age/size-structured problems: linearization schemes, rates of convergence


Born on October 12, 1992 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Married with Thi Kim Ngan Huynh
Languages: Vietnamese (mother’s), English


Oct. 2018 – present: Postdoctoral fellow at Hasselt University, Research group Computational mathematics (led by Prof. Dr. Iuliu Sorin Pop)
Feb. 2018 – Aug. 2018: Postdoctoral researcher at NAM, University of Göttingen, Research group Inverse problems (led by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hohage)

Fellowships and grants

Oct. 2018 – Oct. 2021: Approximations for forward and inverse reaction- diffusion problems related to cancer models, Postdoctoral fellowship (PI) by Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Jul. 2014 – Aug. 2014: Travel grant by Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Hanoi, Vietnam


2018: Outstanding Reviewer of 2017 for the journal Inverse Problems
2013 – 2014: Scholarship of National Program for the Development of Mathematics
2010 – 2020, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics
2009: Bronze medal in the 30th-April Olympiad Competition in Mathematics in Vietnam


Nov. 2014 – Jan. 2018: Ph’D degree in Mathematics (Cum Laude, 110/110), Gran Sasso Science Institute (L’Aquila) and Scuola Internazionale Superiore diStudi Avanzati (Trieste), Italy
Thesis: Corrector Homogenization Estimates for PDE Systems with Coupled Fluxes posed in Media with Periodic Microstructures (defense date: January 16, 2018)
Advisor: Prof. Dr. habil. Adrian Muntean (Karlstad University, Sweden)
Oct. 2010 – Oct. 2014: Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science (Distinction – 5%, Honor program), University of Science, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Thesis: Linear recursive and second-order iterative schemes for a nonlinear Kirchhoff wave equation associated with the mixed homogeneous boundary conditions (defense date: March 24, 2014)
Advisor: Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long (University of Science, Vietnam), Dr. Tran Minh Thuyet (University of Economics, Vietnam)

List of publications 

Refereed journal publications:

  1. V.A. Khoa, A. Muntean, Correctors homogenization estimates for a non-stationary Stokes-Nernst-Planck-Poisson system in perforated domains, accepted for publication in Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 2019 (see also arXiv:1710.09166).
  2. T.H. Nguyen, V.A. Khoa, V.A. Vo, Analysis of a quasi-reversibility method for a terminal value quasi-linear parabolic problem with measurementsSIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, 51(1), 60--85, 2019 (see also arXiv:1803.04641).
  3. V.A. Khoa, L.T.P. Ngoc, N.T. Long, Existence, blow-up and exponential decay of solutions for a porous-elastic system with damping and source terms, accepted for publication in Evolution Equations & Control Theory, 2018 (also see CMAT Report UP-18-08, Hasselt University).
  4. N.H. Tuan, V.A. Khoa, M.T.N. Truong, T.T. Hung, M.N. Minh, Application of the cut-off projection to solve a backward heat conduction problem in a two-slab composite system, accepted for publication in Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 2018.
  5. N.H. Tuan, V.V. Au, V.A. Khoa, D. Lesnic, Identification of the population density of a species model with nonlocal diffusion and nonlinear reaction, Inverse Problems, 33 (5), 2017.
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  1. V.A. Khoa, T.T. Hung, D. Lesnic, Uniqueness result for an age-dependent reaction-diffusion problem, CMAT Report UP-18-07, Hasselt University, 2018.
  2. V.A. Khoa, T.T.K. Thoa, E.R. Ijioma, On a pore-scale stationary diffusion equation: scaling effects and correctors for the homogenization limit, arXiv:1803.10887, 2018.
  3. V.A. Khoa, A. Muntean, Correctors justification for a Smoluchowski-Soret-Dufour model posed in perforated domains, arXiv:1704.01790, 2017.

Book contributions and proceedings:

  1. V.A. Khoa, L.T.P. Ngoc, N.T. Long, Existence, blow-up and exponential decay of solutions for a nonlinear porous-elastic system, The Eleventh Scientific Conference of University of Science, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, 2018.