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Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics

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Koondanibha Mitra, M.Sc.

Hasselt University
Faculty of Sciences
Discipline group Mathematics and statistics
Research group Computational mathematics

also affiliated with:

Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Centre for Analysis, Scientific computing and Applications

Partial differential equations:

  • Analysis: Existence, uniqueness of weak solutions, travelling waves
  • Numerical methods: discretization (FEM/MFEM, finite volumes), convergence, linearization schemes, domain decomposition
  • Applications in porous media flows: unsaturated, two-phase, non-standard models, dynamic capillarity, hysteresis

List of publications

Refereed journal publications:

  1. Hysteresis and Horizontal Redistribution in Porous Media,  Transp. Porous Med. Vol. 122 (2018), pp. 375–399, with C.J. van Duijn (also see CMAT Report UP-17-05, Hasselt University).
  2. A linear domain decomposition method for partially saturated flow in porous media, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Eng.  Vol. 333 (2018), pp. 331-355 with D. Seus, I.S. Pop, F.A. Radu and C. Rohde (also see CMAT Report UP-17-08, Hasselt University). 
  3. Travelling wave solutions for the Richards equation incorporating non-equilibrium effects in the capillarity pressureNolinear Anal. Real World Appl. Vol. 41 (2018), pp. 232–268, with C.J. van Duijn and I.S. Pop (also see Hasselt University, CMAT Report UP-17-06, Hasselt University). 


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