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Prof. Jelle Hendrix

  • Bachelor in Chemistry (KU Leuven, 2003)
  • Master in Biochemistry (KU Leuven, 2005)
  • PhD in Biochemistry (KU Leuven, 2010)
  • visiting researcher (LMU Munich, 2011-2013)
  • Postdoc (KU Leuven 2010-2016)
  • Guest Lecturer (Hasselt University (2014-2016)
  • Assistant Professor (Hasselt University, 2016-)
  • Guest Lecturer (KU Leuven, 2016-)

Stats are on Google Scholar, Scopus and ResearcherID. Full cv here.


Technical microscopy support 


Dr. Sam Duwé


Expertise: super-resolution microscopy (PALM, STORM, SOFI) and photoswitchable fluorescent protein development.

Function: core facility manager of the Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre


PhD students


Veerle Lemmens (promotor)


Interests: patch clamp fluorometry, raster image correlation spectroscopy, glycine receptors 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Hasselt University in 2014
  • Bachelor’s thesis in the group of Prof. Ann Cuypers on the signaling pathway of ethylene in Arabidopsis thaliana.
  • Master’s degree in Biochemistry and biotechnology at KU Leuven.
  • external internship at the Center for Research and Conservation, developing a protocol to distinguish between different subspecies of military macaw based on the mitochondrial DNA sequence.
  • thesis on the cellular distribution of HIV capsid after transduction in HeLaP4 cells in the lab of Prof. Zeger Debyser (Virology) and the lab Prof. Johan Hofkens (imaging), under the supervision of Prof. Jelle Hendrix.
  • Joint PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Dynamic Bioimaging Lab, Hasselt University) and in Biochemistry (Molecular imaging and photonics Division headed by Prof. Johan Hofkens at KU Leuven), focusing on the structure-function relationship of the glycine receptor, and the combination of advanced fluorescence microscopy and electrophysiology methods. In parallel, these results are complemented by the use of crosstalk-free multicolor fluctuation imaging methods which allow to investigate protein binding and hetero-stoichiometry at the ensemble level.

Keerthana Ramanathan (promotor)

PhD candidate on biomolecular force sensing via FRET.

Master in Biotechnology from Uni Dresden, Germany.

started January 2019

Arnoud Jongeling (promotor)

PhD candidate on microdevices for membrane protein structural biology.

Master in Chemistry, Uni Wageningen.

started February 2019

Pedro Silva (promotor)


PhD candidate on protein conformational dynamics

started August 2020

Tom Kache (promotor)

PhD candidate on enzyme conformational dynamics

started October 2020

Stijn Dilissen (copromotor)

Microfabrication of devices for studying membrane proteins.

Started October 2020

Ivan Maslov (promotor)

Works on understanding the conformational dynamics of membrane receptors using single-molecule FRET.

started january 2019 

Guillermo Solís Fernández (co-promotor)


Interests: confocal, FLIM, FRET and STED microscopy, CRISPR-CAS, proteomics, biomarkers for colorectal cancer

  • Bachelor and Master degree in Biochemistry (Spain)
  • Joint PhD (Molecular Imaging and Photonics, KU Leuven and Instituto de Salud Carlos III Madrid). Promotors Prof. Johan Hofkens and Dr. Barderas-Manchado to determine if CRC markers and protein that are observed to be altered in the metastatic cells have a functional implication in the development of the metastasis as such. To achieve this goal, we use gene edition to label the altered proteins with fluorescent tags to be able to follow the behaviour inside the cells and determine whether there are differences in their localization or functionality. We use super-resolution microscopy together with fluorescence fluctuation based techniques (as RICS) and FRET-based interaction measurements, to study the localization, diffusion and interaction network of the altered proteins. Second, we aim to extend the proteomic characterization of the CRC metastasis for which we will continue to make use of proteomics. With the help of  an expert in cancer proteomics we study metastatic cells that migrate to different tissues inside the organism to find out if they have common features between them and to find new diagnostic markers. 

Quinten Coucke (assessor)

Quinten started his academic career in Kortrijk at the KULAK (KU Leuven department Kortrijk) where he was enrolled for a bachelor of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2012-2016). Concluding his Bachelor thesis about the role of neutrophils in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) in the renomated Interfacultary Life Sciences lab of K. Vanhoorelbeke he obtained his Bachelor. Continuing his career in Leuven at the KU Leuven he concluded an external internship at Toxikon Europe (2017) where he explored a technical way of researching using GC and HPLC coupled to mass spectrometry as main techniques. His project was focused around validating superior extraction methods and optimizing an automatic sampler for GC analysis. Continuing on this more technical aspect of researching he chose for a Master Thesis in the research group of Jelle Hendrix in the Department of Molecular Imaging and Photonics (2017-2018). In the frame of this thesis Quinten currently works on the oligomerization of HIV-Integrase protein using Multiparameter Fluorescence Imaging Spectroscopy (MFIS). This involves using renowned techniques and more state of the art applications in fluorescent labeling and imaging. The goal is to determine the different oligomeric states through which the integrase evolves during cell infection.

Alessia Pancaro (academic promotor)

Biosensing platform for lectin detection related to cerebrovascular disease usingnanoplasmonics. Promotor is Dr. Inge Nelissen @ VITO-Belgium.

Danai Laskaratou (co-promotor)

Working on EGFR/ErbB signalling pathways in the lab of Hideaki Mizuno at KU Leuven. Employs RICS, N&B and PIE-RICS methods (Promotor: Hideaki Mizuno, KU Leuven). 

Daniel Scholl

Working on conformational dynamics of NBD1/CFTR using smFRET (Promotor: Prof. Cedric Govaerts, ULB-Bruxelles).

Simone Giovanozzi (co-promotor)

Employing RICS and N&B to study STAT protein dynamics inside cells (Promotor: Prof. Rik Schrijvers, KU Leuven).

Marco dalla Vecchia

Employing RICS and N&B to study protein dynamics inside cells (Promotor: Prof. Peter Dedecker, KU Leuven).


Master students



Bart Thevelein

Combined electrophysiology and fluorescence on the GlyR. 




Dr. Aurélie Roth (co-promotor)

Worked on conformational dynamics of LmrP using smFRET (Promotor: Prof. Cedric Govaerts, ULB-Bruxelles).

Dr. Niels Vandenberk (co-promotor)

PhD in Biochemistry (December 2018) in the group of Prof. dr J. Hofkens on single-molecule FRET to study structure and conformational dynamics of biomolecules, and application to DNA and the E. coli Sec protein sorting machinery.

Dr. Doortje Borrenberghs (co-promotor)

Finished her PhD in 2016, now works at J&J as a specialist in virus R&D

Robbert Boudewijns

Master intern working on comparing different FP pairs for usage in single MLV imaging. Left the lab to do a Phd student in the group of Johan Neyts at the Rega Institute.

Maarten Vervecken

Master intern working on setting up synchronized infection for single MLV imaging. Currently high school teacher.

Eva Marting

Master intern (biochemistry) working on smFRET of LmrP, in collaboration with Zeger Debyser. Left academics to work at GEOS laboratories, Wellen, Belgium.

Laura Rodriguez Martin

Master intern (bio-engineering) who initiated phasor-based analysis of single virus lifetimes. Now a bio-informatician in industry.

Cristina Quilez Lopez 

Master intern (bio-engineering) working on LmrP.

Jens de Wachter

Comparing confocal and TIRF FRET in terms of distance accuracy and in terms of accessible timescales for conformational dynamics.

Steven Mertens

Performed all-atom molecular dynamics simulations of fluorescent dyes attached to DNA (Promotor: Prof. Jeremy Harvey).