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Dynamic Bioimaging Lab

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A great deal of our efforts is dedicated to teaching bachelor, master and PhD students about basic and advanced concepts in optical microscopy through lectures, exercise classes, hands-on demos and through organizing or contributing microscopy workshops.

An overview of the teaching duties of Jelle Hendrix can be found here (Hasselt) and here (Leuven).

Here you can find Powerpoint slide decks containing most of what we ever teached or talked about. Feel free to use them (or information and images therein) for educational or other non-commercial purposes, but please kindly acknowledge us.

Deck 1: fluorescence lifetimes and FLIM

Deck 2: FRET theory

Deck 2b: single molecule FRET

Deck 2c: smFRET via MFD-PIE

Deck 2d: smFRET on DNA

Deck 3: FCS

Deck 4: RICS

Deck 4b: Advanced RICS

Deck 5: PIE

Deck 6: Imaging with PIE

Deck 7: single virus imaging