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DSI - Data Science Institute UHasselt

DSI - Data Science Institute UHasselt

DSI - Data Science Institute UHasselt

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The UHasselt Data Science Institute brings together high quality data-driven research, education and industrial collaboration, both at a local and global level to facilitate the data-driven future. Through their expertise in data sciences, our students, staff, researchers and alumni help to make our society more sustainable, healthy, inclusive, agile and smart.

To develop relevant civic-driven research we also invest in fundamental data science research. This helps the UHasselt Data Science Institute to keep options and possible scenarios open, to maintain a good capability for top-level scientific expertise, to develop conditions favourable to scientific and technological breakthroughs and to ensure education at the highest level.

The institute provides the necessary space for serendipity, thereby fostering creativity in the research process.



As a UHasselt research institute we want to deploy people and knowledge in data sciences to tackle society's major challenges, in full collaboration with others. The institute performs research across the spectrum from fundamental to applied; its impact ranges from scientific excellence to civic relevance. We measure our success in achieving this goal by the research institute's continuous growth in impact and reputation. Therefore, we will

  • break down the silos between research disciplines. The institute aims to provide a collaborative and serendipitous environment for data science experts across disciplines and domains, as well as the necessary technological base that this research can build upon.
  • impart our students with knowledge, skills and insights into the world around them, in order to make them high-quality trained data scientists as well as critical and engaged global citizens who are aware of both the opportunities and risks associated with data science.
  • collaborate with other universities, research centers, governments, businesses and civil society organisations in order to enhance knowledge on local, regional and global challenges, support decision-making processes and develop new ideas and solutions. The UHasselt Data Science Institute acts as a catalyst for data-driven research valorisation and as a sounding board for discussion on the role of data in society.