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The COVID-19 modelling team encompasses researchers from Hasselt University (CenStat, DSI) and the University of Antwerp (CHERMID, Vaxinfectio) who jointly constitute the interuniversity SIMID group (www.simid.be). They collaborate with researchers from various partners in Belgium as well as with international partners within the context of the EpiPose consortium (EU H2020 funding, project number 101003688). CenStat (UHasselt) and L-BioStat (KU Leuven) together form the inter-universitary I-BioStat (https://ibiostat.be).

COVID-19 Modelling team
COVID-19 MS research

COVID-19 Modelling team

Main coordination

Prof. dr. Philippe Beutels, UAntwerp
Prof. dr. Niel Hens, UHasselt and UAntwerp

Growth models

Prof. dr. Christel Faes, UHasselt
Dr. Eva Santermans, Galapagos and UHasselt (*VWM)
Dr. Yannick Vandendijck, Janssen Pharma and UHasselt (VWM*)

Transmission trees

Cécile Kremer, UHasselt
Tapiwa Ganyiani, UHasselt


Dr. Pietro Coletti, UHasselt
Dr. Pieter Libin, UHasselt
Oana Petrof, UHasselt

Individual-based models

Dr. Lander Willem, UAntwerp
Oana Petrof, UHasselt
Elise Kuylen, UAntwerpen and UHasselt

Compartmental transmission models based on differential equations

Prof. dr. Steven Abrams, UHasselt and UAntwerp
James Wambua, UHasselt and UAntwerp
Dr. Eva Santermans, Galapagos and UHasselt


Prof. dr. Philippe Beutels, UAntwerp
Prof. dr. Niel Hens, UHasselt and UAntwerp
Koen Pepermans, UAntwerp
Prof. dr. Pierre Van Damme, UAntwerp
Prof. dr. Thomas Neyens, UHasselt and KULeuven
Dr. Lisa Hermans, UHasselt
Jonas Crèvecoeur, KULeuven
Oluwafemi Olusoji, UHasselt
Maren Vranckx, UHasselt
Dr. Anna Ivanova, UHasselt
Prof. dr. Marc Aerts, UHasselt
Prof. dr. ir. Jan Aerts, UHasselt

Calculation of disease burden and economic impact

Prof. dr. Philippe Beutels, UAntwerpen
Frederik Verelst, UAntwerpen
Elise Kuylen, UAntwerpen

Multi-scale modelling of pharmacological intervention impact on disease transmission

Andrea Torneri, UAntwerpen
Joris Vanderlocht, UHasselt

Data preparation

Dr. Sereina Herzog, UAntwerp
Signe Mogelmose, UHasselt

Website text and figures

Dr. Sarah Vercruysse (Dutch version)
Dr. Bieke Vanhoutte (English version - Epipose)
Prof. dr. Geert Molenberghs (English version)
Prof. dr. ir. Jan Aerts (figures)

Internal coordination (in alphabetical order)

  • Jan Aerts, director Data Science Institute UHasselt
  • Philippe Beutels, director CHERMID, co-chair SIMID, UAntwerp
  • Christel Faes, head of Research Group Mathematics UHasselt
  • Niel Hens, director of Center for Statistics, UHasselt; co-chair of SIMID, UHasselt and UAntwerp; vice-director DSI UHasselt; member of GEES
  • Geert Molenberghs, director of Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistics and statistical Bioinformatics, UHasselt and KU Leuven
  • Bieke Vanhoutte, project coordinator, UAntwerp
  • Geert Verbeke, director of Leuven Institute for Biostatistics and statistical Bioinformatics, KU Leuven 
  • Sarah Vercruysse, project coordinator, UHasselt

*VWM = "vrijwillig wetenschappelijk medewerker" voluntary research assistant


COVID-19 MS research

Liesbet Peeters, UHasselt
Lotte Geys, UHasselt
Ashkan Pirmani, UHasselt