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DSI - Data Science Institute UHasselt


DSI - Data Science Institute UHasselt

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The Data Science Institute brings together the expertise of data science researchers across Hasselt University, and aims to act as a single point of contact for all things related to data science.


Research topics that are covered by its researchers include (but are not limited to):

  • In informatics and data management: NoSQL databases, data modelling, data mining, computational efficiency, data wrangling, data cleaning, concurrency control, schema learning, distributed databases, query languages, logic-based AI
  • In statistics: biostatistics, clinical trials, hierarchical data, longitudinal data, categorical data, complex models, incomplete and missing data (e.g. censored and truncated data), surrogate endpoints, non-and semi-parametric statistics, rank models, survival analysis, experimental design, mathematical statistics, asymmetric distributions, spatial data statistics
  • In visualisation: topological data analysis, visual design and visual analytics
  • Specific application domains: omics, bioinformatics, infectious diseases, health (incl multiple sclerosis), geothermal energy

Other groups within UHasselt are active in the fields of business informatics and human-computer interaction: