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DSOS - Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors


DSOS - Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors

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* World Polymer Congress MACRO2018: Cairns - Australia (2-5 July 2018)

Wouter Maes (oral): "On the ‘True’ Structure of Push-Pull Type Low Bandgap Polymers for Organic Electronics"


* 10th International Conference on porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP-10): Münich - Germany (1-6 July 2018)


* ChemCYS 2018 - Chemistry Conference for Young Scientists: Blankenberge - Belgium (21-23 February 2018)


* 2017 E-MRS Fall Meeting Warsaw (18-21 September 2017)

Frederik Verstraeten (poster): "Development of high-performance ultra-low bandgap copolymers for near-infrared photodetection" 

Sam Gielen (poster): "Semiconducting organic polymers and small molecules for near-infrared organic photodetectors"


* 28th International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials: Gothenburg – Sweden (3-7 September 2017)

Jorne Yamakers (oral): "Expanding the scope of diamond surface chemistry: Stille & Sonogashira cross-coupling reactions"