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DSOS - Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors


DSOS - Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors

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The DSOS group can offer comprehensive custom organic and/or polymer synthesis services to R&D institutes, companies, and industries. Custom synthesis projects are generally quoted at a fixed price with an estimate given of the likely timescale. Synthesis can be performed on demand, based on procedures supplied by customers, or as described in the scientific literature. Alternatively, custom-made design of new synthesis routes is offered. For industrial partners, design strategies for polymers with specific composition, functionality, and/or architectures can be developed, alongside feasibility studies on a laboratory scale.

Besides the offered services, we are always happy to engage in joint projects with external academic and/or industrial partners.

Contact person to discuss services/collaboration opportunities: Dr Laurence Lutsen (laurence.lutsen@uhasselt.be)