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DSOS - Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors


DSOS - Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors

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Jorne Raymakers obtained his Bachelor degree in Chemistry at Hasselt University with a dissertation on the stability of low band gap copolymers in photovoltaic devices. Afterwards, he received his Master degree in Chemistry from the University of Ghent, where he did a Master thesis on the development of gradient poly(2-oxazoline)s for drug delivery applications in the Supramolecular Chemistry Group of Prof. dr Richard Hoogenboom. Currently, he is performing his PhD in the DSOS group led by Wouter Maes. His research focuses on the functionalization of boron-doped diamond surfaces with light-harvesting small molecules toward the construction of “all-carbon” p-type dye-sensitized solar cells, for which he received a Gold Young Scholar Award at ICDCM-2017. A second project involves the synthesis of polymers and small molecules that comprise rigid, electron rich donor units for application in both organic photovoltaics (OPVs) and photodetectors  (OPDs).