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DSOS - Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors


DSOS - Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors

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Sander Smeets obtained his Bachelor degree in Chemistry at Hasselt University in 2017, with a dissertation on the morphology control in organic photovoltaics under the supervision of Prof. dr. Wouter Maes . Subsequently, he received his Master of Science in Chemistry at Ghent University in 2019. During his thesis, which was performed with the Supramolecular Chemistry group of Prof. dr. Richard Hoogenboom, he optimized a post-polymerization functionalization to synthesize partly functionalized poly(2-oxazoline)s for molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs). Currently, he is performing his PhD in the DSOS group on the elucidation of the importance of homocoupled defects in organic semiconductors.