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Project agreements for Research

An exploration of theories, models and concepts to formulate HCI guidelines for the realization of medical, shared decision making systems.  (R-9065)
End-User Visual Programming Techniques for Developing Sensor-Based System  (R-9058)
Design Framework for flexible assembly with operator VR validation  (R-9002)
MARCONI : Multimedia and Augmented Radio Creation: Online, iNteractive, Individual  (R-8242)
Patient-care advancement with responsive technologies and engagement together  (R-8531)
Intelligibility and control for context-aware Internet of Things applications.  (R-8150)
OmniDrone : 720° perception for safe and autonomous systems  (R-7858)
End-User Development of Intelligible Internet-of-Things Objects and Applications.  (R-7546)
Web Performance Automation for The People  (R-7710)
Security and privacy in wireless communicationsand networks  (R-6736)
ExaScience Life Lab  (R-7793)
International Meeting in Performing Arts & Creative Technologies  (R-8769)
IOF Mandate Mieke Haesen - extension  (R-5689)
Role specific enhancement of motivation and treatment adherence through technology during rehabilitation in musculoskeletal disorders.  (R-5211)

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Project agreements for Research


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