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Applied Computer Science Lab (ACSL) : project R-8548

Title : Navigational Queries over Graph-Structured Data (R-8548)
Abstract: In recent years, database systems have seen a profound shift to highly specialized NoSQL databases. Compared to the maturity of SQL, query languages for NoSQL databases, like graph-databases, are still in their infancy. In my thesis, I want to investigate the underlying principles of graph-structured data, notably evaluation, query optimization, and parallelizability of graph query languages and bring the principled research on these topics closer to practice. Motivated by the recent trend to distributed- and cloud computing, one of the key questions will be the search for queries that are highly suited for parallel evaluation and optimization in a distributed context. Furthermore, I want to study which kinds of queries are practically used and search for restricted query languages that have good computational properties. In other words, I want to look for query languages that can still express what most users want, but for which much faster algorithms are possible.
Period of project : 1/01/2018to30/06/2021

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