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Applied Computer Science Lab (ACSL) : project R-9065

Title : An exploration of theories, models and concepts to formulate HCI guidelines for the realization of medical, shared decision making systems. (R-9065)
Abstract: Nowadays, there is a trend of patients wanting to be involved in their own care and rehabilitation process. However, the interactive software systems used by patients and medical staff are most of the time not designed with this in mind and if they are, they are only applicable to a specific medical system. Given the importance of health informatics in an aging society with higher needs for longer (chronic) disease care, there is a growing need for fundamental research to ground future medical systems from the perspective of Human- Computer Interaction (HCI) to accommodate processes such as shared decision making. A promising area for shared decision making is cardiac rehabilitation since it is composed of several core components which need to be adapted to the patient's needs. There are various frameworks, theories, concepts and guidelines from different backgrounds (medical, psychological, HCI) directly or indirectly related to shared decision making. In addition, the IT systems used in clinical environments are diverse and range from electronic health records to decision support systems. All these theories and systems can be used as input for the development of an HCI framework and accompanying practical guidelines which can be used for the development of shared decision making systems. The proposed framework will be practically implemented and validated in the context of cardiac rehabilitation. However, sufficient attention is given to the generalizability to other domains.
Period of project : 1/10/2018to30/09/2022

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