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Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM) : project R-5189

Title : Bringing neurorehabilitation to a residential environment with novel pervasive user interfaces (R-5189)
Abstract: In this PhD, I will explore possible applications of pervasive, mobile, low-cost technologies in neurorehabilitation systems to bring these systems to the residential setting. The main goal of these realized training systems is to provide motivating, personalized physical therapy for the upper limbs as an extension to the current physical therapy given in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Our target user group for these systems include persons with functional disabilities, muscle weakness and spasms due to a neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebra Vascular Accident. With this research, I will explore possible solutions to the high costs, complexity and limited motivational aspect of current effective therapies and research systems for a still growing group of persons with neurological disorders. During the PhD, a number of pervasive, mobile and low-cost prototypes of training systems for upper extremities will be realized using the user-centered design methodology and following a proposed design space for rehabilitation systems for upper extremities due to a neurological disorders. The prototypes will investigate different aspects of computer-based rehabilitation systems (e.g. pervasive technologies, virtual or augmented reality training environments, social interactions, the minimal requirements for the form factor of the technologies, the types of movements and how to register them accurately). Each prototype will be evaluated in a usability study in close collaboration with therapists and patients. One or two extended prototypes will also be evaluated in an effectiveness study to determine the effects of the training and progress with the system. The results of our studies will be described in scientific publications for applied conferences in Computer Science or in journals.
Period of project : 1/01/2014to6/01/2017

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