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Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM) : project R-5211

Title : Role specific enhancement of motivation and treatment adherence through technology during rehabilitation in musculoskeletal disorders. (R-5211)
Abstract: Chronic musculoskeletal diseases are a growing problem with a high impact on the patient's functioning and quality of life, as well as on the healthcare and economic systems (absence from work, health insurance). Rehabilitation can decrease pain and enhance the functional level of chronic pain patients. However, a lack of motivation and adherence with exercise programs hampers the achievement of an optimal treatment outcome, whereby the patient does not make use of his/her full potential for recovery. The proposed project develops multi-perspective motivational and persuasive strategies that can be used to energize the patient and persuade him/her to use all possible resources in order to optimize treatment outcome. Three aspects are key to this research: 1) the definition of a conceptual model for a multi-perspective strategy to enhance motivation and persuade the patient for optimal compliance during musculoskeletal rehabilitation, 2) the realization of technology-supported persuasive rehabilitation that supports the developed concept of motivational and persuasive strategies for rehabilitation in musculoskeletal disorders, and 3) the definition and application of a multi-perspective evaluation framework for role-based persuasive rehabilitation in musculoskeletal problems. A focus of the project will be to reach the patient, beyond rehabilitation sessions with healthcare professionals, in his/her natural environmental context at home, work, or during leisure time.
Period of project : 1/01/2014to31/12/2019

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