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The core research areas of EDM are Visual Computing, Networked & Secure Systems and Intelligible Interactive Systems, Computational Science, Computational Design & Fabrication and Data Intelligence & Computation.

The research on Visual Computing already started in 1987, with a focus on modelling, rendering, animation and virtual environments. From the 1990's onwards Multimedia and Communication Technology became a new core research area, until it was incorporated into the Visual Computing domain in 2011 and was refocussed recently into Networked & Secure Systems. As of 2000, the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research group was established, primarily building upon HCI research in virtual environments and gradually extending its research subjects over the past years.

The focus on a limited number of research areas allows for building critical mass and striving towards international scientific excellence. It also enables covering the complete research spectrum in these research domains, ranging from fundamental research over basic and applied research to contract R&D. The complementarity of these research areas generates significant added values in our research activities.

When working on new research plans and projects, EDM always envisages possible future applications and keeps the relevance to society in mind. This approach has allowed for establishing a successful collaboration with other research groups, industry and government through numerous R&D projects.