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The research domain of Visual Computing has a focus on Computer Graphics, in which computers are utilized to generate and manipulate still image and video data, starting either from synthetic data sets or data sampled from the real world using cameras. The results are often applied in other research domains and vice versa, including visualization for medical, scientific and technical purposes, high resolution visualization, CAD/CAM and virtual prototyping, architecture, and edu/entertainment.

The Visual Computing research isĀ guided by a management team, consisting of: prof. dr. F. Van Reeth and prof. dr. Ph. Bekaert.

Currently, the Visual Computing research concentrates on the following topics:

Image- and Video-Based Visualisation

The goal in video-based rendering is to render authentic views of real world acquired dynamic scenes the way they would appear from arbitrary vantage points.

  • Object Representation and Manipulation
  • Image- and Video-basedĀ Rendering

Modelling, Rendering and Animation

This field is concerned with the representation, animation and rendering of synthetic objects in such a way that the visualisation is indistinguishable from a photo (photo-realistic image synthesis) or expresses an artistic style (non-photo-realistic image synthesis)

  • Stylized Animation
  • Rendering