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Hasselt University has been strongly student-focused since its inception. This has led in the past decades to an educational concept ranging from coached independent leaning to autonomous learning which draws its inspiration from constructivism. This concept is based on the principles of decreasing external control and increasing autonomy which centres around the interaction between actors (students / lecturers) and in which learning to steer your own learning process independently is a priority. Another important aspect of this concept is that the emphasis is on the time it takes a student to progress. This guarantees that the student gets the necessary time for autonomous learning, individually or in a group setting. The educational concept ensures a permanent interchange of knowledge and skills and both students and lectures constantly find themselves in different contexts in which they have to take their responsibility. This helps shape versatile professionals and initiates a learning culture which is retained for life.

The educational concept translates to an abundance of educational and evaluation methods. Stimulating learning environments - with a strong emphasis on differentiated teaching methods and distance learning - plays a crucial role in this. The evaluation system supports the educational concept and ensures continuous monitoring of the learning process. Evaluations are therefore integrated into the learning process and are part of the learning activities. Evaluation methods are both quantitative as well as qualitative, and assessments are both formative and summative, and take place throughout the year. This results in information regarding the actual learning outcomes and serves as input for the quality control system of the education provided in its entirety. This requires a culture of quality in which activities related to planning, execution, evaluation and improvement are intrinsically present at all levels of education.