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Hasselt University will support the achievement of these ambitions, by setting up and expanding its international networks. This will help students and lecturers to critically reflect on the frameworks wihin which they are working during and after the programmes. In a world which is becoming more and more accessible and changing ever more rapidly through the use of new technologies, the importance of being internationally oriented is indisputable.
As a creative hub within an international knowledge and innovation web, Hasselt University has developed an internationalisation policy based on the following pillars:

1. A stimulating environment for the mobility of students, researchers and lecturers
Professional support for the mobility of students, researchers and lecturers forms the basis for the further development of internationalisation at Hasselt University. Hasselt University wants all students, researchers and lecturers to be provided with the opportunity to gain international experience and strives to incorporate mobility windows in every programme, so that students can spend a certain period abroad. In addition, Hasselt University also wants to attract more foreign students, researchers and guest lecturers in order to build an international campus.

2. A curriculum and campus with international dimensions
Hasselt University strives to offer attractive programmes with quality content, a current educational concept and an international dimension. As a consequence, internationally oriented and intercultural competencies are included in the programme profiles and activities are organised that contribute to an open vision of the world and to the development of cross-cultural competencies. Students are familiarised with professional literature in other languages and internationally oriented curricula, and have daily contact with professors, assistants and foreign fellow-students. The exchange of knowledge and insights, collaborating with foreign lecturers and students and learning to cope with cultural differences, lead to new insights which can be used in later professional life, scientific research and education and training.

3. International master's programmes that match the strategic choices of Hasselt University
Hasselt University strives to offer its bachelor's students the option of continuing into a matching international niche master's programme. At present, Hasselt University offers four international master's programmes (Master of Statistics, Master of Management, Master of Transportation Sciences and Master of Biomedical Sciences), and plans to further expand this range.

4. International partnerships and networks
Hasselt University wishes to use its teaching and research activities to participate in international networks, in order to strengthen its role as a creative hub in the international knowledge and innovation web. Thanks to its wide international institutional collaboration with preferred partners both regionally and beyond, Hasselt University is able both to attract foreign students, researchers and professors and to offer its own students and scholars a foreign experience. This generates brain circulation.

It anchors its international focus in the region, thereby creating clear added value for Limburg. Moreover, the university also pays attention to its interregional network by further expanding and strengthening it. This is why it is intensifying its cooperation with the Euregion universities and other preferred partners.

5. Development cooperation in North and South
Rooted in the idea of science sharing, Hasselt University is active within university development cooperation and wishes to actively participate in the search for sustainable answers to social challenges in developing countries. Hasselt University wishes to give its students and lecturers the possibility to gain mobility experience in the South, as well as attract students and lecturers from the South to come to Hasselt University to study, get a PhD or to teach. In addition, Hasselt University also participates in projects designed to build capacity in the area of education, research and social services in the South. This way, Hasselt University expertise in education and research is being applied globally.