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Class attendance is required and will be checked.

For all subjects, 'regular' class attendance is a condition for being admitted to the exam. The requirement of 'regular' attendance means that one must be present for at least 80% of the class time. It also means that the student must be present on campus for the full teaching period (trimester or semester) during which the course is running. Teachers have the right to exclude students form exams for that subject if they are not in classes 80% of the time.

'Working on another subject' never is an acceptable justification for absence from class. Only medical reasons and other circumstances beyond one's control are accepted.

Being physically present in class is not sufficient. In many subjects it is mandatory to come well prepared to class and to contribute actively to problem solving exercises, discussions, case analyses etc. In some cases active participation in class is an element of the course assessment.

As the study groups are formed within the first week after the orientation program, teachers normally don't accept students who arrive to UHasselt more than two weeks after the start of the program. Exceptions can be taken into consideration only in case of serious illnesses or in the event of death of a family member.