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International students

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The International Office gives all exchange students a warm welcome and provides them information and support before, during and after their exchange period at Hasselt University.

Admission and administration exchange students: Mrs. Erika Vandersmissen
Institutional coordinator: Ms. Lieselot Peeters (European exchange students) / Ms. Liesbeth Oeyen (non-European exchange students)

For all questions regarding your exchange study programme (courses, exams, faculty regulations, etc.), please contact the departmental coordinator.


  • Applied Economics

Administrator: Mrs. Kristien Fransen
  • Architecture

Academic contact person: Dr. Els Hannes
  • Interior Design

Academic contact person: Dr Jan Vanrie
  • Biomedical Sciences
Administrator: Mrs. Liesbeth Jamers
Academic contact person: Prof. Dr Niels Hellings
  • Engineering Technology

Academic contact person: Dr Els Wieers
  • Law
Administrator: Mrs. Ingrid Vrancken
Academic contact person: Prof. Dr Charlotte Declerck
  • Transportation Sciences

Administrator: Mrs. Nadine Smeyers
Academic contact person: Dr Stijn Daniels
  • Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

Academic contact person: Prof. dr Marita Granitzer
  • Sciences

Administrator: Mr Peter Vandoren
Academic contact person biology: Prof. Dr Ann Cuypers
Academic contact person chemistry: Prof. Dr Dirk Vanderzande
Academic contact person physics: Prof. Dr Carlo Vanderzande
Academic contact person statistics and mathematics: Prof. Dr Roel Braekers
Academic contact person computer sciences: Prof. Dr Fabian Di Fiori