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Required Minimum Programme

The following minimum study programme is a strict condition for admission as an exchange student.

Exchange students are requested to follow courses and to sit exams for a study programme with a minimum of 18 ECTS credits per semester.

Recommended Minimum Programme

Students who stay for a full academic year are strongly suggested to choose a study programme of at least 42 credits.

Students staying for one semester are strongly suggested to choose a study programme of at least 21 credits.

This recommended minimum implies about 16 class hours on average per week or a total work load of 37 hours on average per week. To Belgian standards this is only a modest study load and represents only 75% of the normal study load for a UHasselt student.


When choosing a study programme from the different sets of courses available, exchange students should take into account several constraints:

  • Some subjects are incompatible, either because one subject is a prerequisite for another subject (e.g., it makes no sense to follow an introductory and an advanced course in Finance), or because both subjects (partially) cover the same content in the same semester. It is strongly suggested to read the course outlines carefully, in order to avoid such incompatibilities.
  • For different subjects, prerequisites apply. Careful reading of the prerequisites in the course outlines is strongly recommended. Further information, if requested, can be obtained from the Faculty Erasmus Coordinator .
  • When choosing subjects from different programmes, timetable clashes may occur. This implies that a choice must be made. One cannot be admitted to a subject for which he cannot attend classes.

Procedure for Choice of Study Programme

  1. Exchange students are requested to make a (provisional) choice of courses by means of the learning agreement in the on-line registration. Students are most strongly recommended to carefully read the course outlines and to check prerequisites and incompatibilities before making a choice.
    It is expected that prior consultation between the student and the student exchange coordinator at the home university will have identified the most suitable set of courses to be taken at UHasselt. This is to ensure that students choose a study programme which is an extension of their previous study and/or is equivalent to (a part of) the degree scheme taken at the home university.

    In any case the provisional choice of courses in the Learning Agreement must be signed for agreement by the student exchange coordinator at the home university. In doing so he/she certifies that at least part of the study programme at UHasselt will lead to credit transfer or another form of academic recognition by the home university.

  2. As soon as possible after reception of the application form, advice will be given on the size of the chosen programme (i.e., the study load implied) and on its suitability for the academic background of the exchange student. If courses are cancelled, students will be informed as soon as possible.

  3. Exchange students can adjust their study programme after their arrival, but it is strongly recommended to limit the number of changes to a minimum. 1 month after the start of the semester, students are requested to make a final decision on their study programme.

    After these dates students cannot add any subject to their study programme. This implies they will not be admitted to and cannot sit exams for subjects which are not indicated in their study programme.
  4. Students who stay for the full academic year should submit their (provisional) choice of study programme for the second semester as early as possible.