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International students

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First semester

Language of instruction: English

Code Subject ECTS
1974 Genes, Environment and Health  9
1450 Experimental design in life sciences, molecular mechanisms in toxicology 9
3029 Risk assesment in epidemiology 3
1634 Research project 12

Second semester

Language of instruction: Dutch / English

Code Subject ECTS
3130 Biodiversity Exploration                                                    5

During the second semester only one course is offered in English: "Biodiversity Exploration" (5 ECTS). Exchange students have to take at least 18 ECTS during a semester, so you will have to complete your programme with Dutch taught courses. Please note that you need to have at least a B2 level in Dutch in order to be able to follow Dutch taught courses.​

Computer Sciences

Programme: 2016-2017


All courses of Master of Biomedical Sciences, specialization Bioelectronics & Nanotechnology.
The programme can be found in the study guide . Select the programme 'SLS -Master of Biomedical Sciences'. Here you find the specialization Bioelectronics and Nanotechnology


All courses of Master of Statistics. This programme can be found in the English study guide.
Select the programme 'SIT-Master of Statistics'



Second semester

Code Subject ECTS
1591 Research training and thesis project material sciences    15
1989 Research training and thesis project life sciences 10