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Please take note that the available courses might be subject to change. The final study guide will be updated by 30th June, for the academic year afterwards. Changes to your learning agreement are allowed until one month after arrival at our institution.

Language of instruction: English

First Semester (September-January)

Code Subject ECTS
2237 Law and State 6
1884 International Law 6
1885 Foundations of the European Union 6
3239 European Environmental Law 6
1968 Cross Culture Belgium 3
2156 Private International Law 6
3661 Introduction to Belgian Law 3


Second Semester (January-June)

Code Subject ECTS
1877 Legal English 4
1889 Law of the Internal Market 6
1955 North-South 3
2161 States and Markets 6
2164 Criminal Law in Action 6
2165 International Business Law             6
2242 Advanced Social Law 6
3661 Introduction to Belgian Law 3

IMPORTANT: Exchange students who have knowledge of Dutch and meet all requirements for participation in bachelor and master courses of the Dutch programme may do so. Please contact the Erasmus faculty coordinator for more information. Outlines from the Dutch courses can be obtained from: http://www.uhasselt.be/studiegids

Erasmus faculty coordinator: Mrs. I. Vrancken