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When applying for a visa or a residence permit, students are asked to proof their solvency. Depending on the country, one of the following proofs of solvency may apply:

  • A document certifying that the student has been awarded a study grant or scholarship 
  • An agreement for acceptance of financial responsibility (letter of a guarantee) by the so-called Annex 32 (can be done from your home country or in Belgium)
  • A proof of your own financial means by transferring a certain amount to a blocked bank account in Belgium on your name.

In case you would like to use the last option (proof your own financial means), Hasselt University can assist you and provide you a letter to proof solvency.

Preliminary notes:

  • for year students, the amount for a full year must be transferred at once (13 months)
  • for semester students, 5 or 6 months must be paid for
  • payment can only be done as described in the document below
  • pls. allow at least 10 days between sending the money and receiving your certificate

All students/guests who need proof of solvency are referred to this document, which describes the full procedure.

For applications for 2019-2020 the final amount is 675 EURO/month.