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Professional bachelor's programmes are only offered by university colleges. Programmes offered by the university are academic programmes.

Starting in 2013-2014, academic master's programmes which were previously organised by university colleges, have been transferred to universities (not including art programmes). Hasselt University has expanded its range of study programmes with the programmes for Architecture and Interior Architecture, Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy and Engineering Technology (Industrial Science). As a result, 5,400 students now attend Hasselt University.

A professional bachelor's programme focuses on direct employability on the labour market. After completion of a three-year professional bachelor's programme, you are ready to work independently. If you would like to switch to academic higher education later and pursue a master's degree, you will not be admitted directly. You will first have to complete a bridging programme (one to two years) in which you will have to acquire the missing general scientific competences and scientific basic knowledge. This is not self-evident and reserved only for students with an inquisitive and critical attitude and sufficient analytical skills. You should not underestimate the time and effort which are needed to complete a bridging programme. Therefore, students who want to pursue a master's degree should start with an academic bachelor's programme.

An academic programme consists of a bachelor's programme followed by a master's programme. These bachelor's programmes build a broad scientific basis and prepare students for the master's programme. The academic bachelor's programme provides direct access to a master's programme, which in turn prepares people for professions in which they are expected to independently apply scientific knowledge. After completion of a master's programme, you can also choose to prepare for a PhD thesis, with which you will contribute to scientific research and which can also be the starting point for an academic career